Product Description
Knights Templar Complete Set

The Knights Templar regalia is typically worn when gathering for official meetings, ceremonies, or events within the order. The knights would wear their regalia as a sign of their identity and commitment. During meetings and councils of the order, the knights would wear their regalia to distinguish themselves as members and show their adherence to the Templar code and values. When new knights were admitted into the order, they would be dressed in the Templar regalia during initiation ceremonies.


This Knights Templar complete quality package includes the following individual products;

1) Knights Templar Mantle
2) Knights Templar Tunic
3) Knights Templar Black Sash
4) Knights Templar Leather Gauntlets Pair
5) Knights Templar Cap (with badge)
6) Knights Templar Standard Sword With Black Scabbard
7) Knights Templar Breast Star
8) Knights Templar Breast Jewel
9) Knights Templar Belt & Frog
10) Knights Templar Alms Bag
11) Knights Templar Soft Case

Each and individual KT masonic product is manufactured to perfection adhering strict quality standards.

**100% Quality Manufacturing Guarantee**

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